The Universe is our Almighty, The Earth is Our Mother, Creature is Our Eco-friends, Our Religion is our Humanity.


Our Objectives

The explicit objectives of the body shall be:-


  1. It shall be purely benevolent and non profitable body.

  2. It shall delicately work for the welfare of the strays, needy, kids and orphans and, mentally challenged children.

  3. It shall work for relevant issues pertaining to agriculture and cultivation. Certain orientation programs concerning agriculture its output in surplus margin and its prosperity shall be preferred by the body in its course of action.

  4. It explicit locally available herbs for the betterment of mass.

  5. Technical education, information technology and skill oriented training sessions shall be periodically conducted with an aim to reduce unemployment.

  6. Various facets of socio-economic life like education, health, tourism shall receive financial assistance for its sustainable growth.

  7. To through develop and foster the feeling of resilience so as to overcome nature catastrophe shall be performed by the body in a result oriented manner.

  8. For needy, backward dwellers of the nation who have often been referred to as HAVE NOTS, awareness programme to bring acute consciousness shall be executed.

  9. To help conduct health camps with the concerned authorities so as to benefit the mass.

  10. To work for social security, construction and reconstruction, eco-friendly deeds with emphasis on sanitation shall be in the list of priorities.

  11. Other NGO bodies with congenial subject matter shall be discovered and they shall jointly launch the programme benefitting both the parties.

  12. Various governmental and non-governmental bodies, the people in authority shall be persuaded to work to up roof and abolish the social evils like domestic violence against females and to work for entrepreneurship, women empowerment etc.

  13. All the nationals and internationals bodies meant for working for the same cause shall be persuaded to ensure the rule of law in our nation.