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Afforestation of 108-Rudrakhya Plant

June 07, 2017

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On the occasion of “WORLD ENVIROMENT DAY -2017” ,Sahayog-The Help has conducted/ co-ordinated afforestation of 108-Rudrakhya Plant at Sabda Chintan premise for spiritual highness ,as well as “save the greenery” slogan ,on this occasion the plants of 108-Rudrakshya were provided by Matribhumi and in association with Sabda chintan Sang in Chitwan on 5th june 2017, Bharatpur 12 ,Chitwan.

On the occasion of afforestation D.I.G Ran Bharadur Chand was Chaired as the Chief Guest who was the chair-person of Matribhumi Organization as well as the co-ordinator of the same and other members were also participated in the program. As well as S.S.P. Raj Kumar Baidhya and S.S.P. Madhu Sudhan Luitel were also participated.We would like to show our modest gratitude for all the participants and our helping hands.