The Universe is our Almighty, The Earth is Our Mother, Creature is Our Eco-friends, Our Religion is our Humanity.

National Adviser

Dr. Basanta Adhikari

Dr. Basanta Adhikari



This is a PhD scholar from the University of East London and doing my Post- Doctorate Research from the University of Eastern Finland, Joensuu Finland. My permanent address is Ratnanagar-8, Tikauli Chitwan Nepal. I am the principal of Lyceum International Model School, Ratnanagar-1 Neppane Chitwan Nepal.

I have been working as a school leader since 35 years ago to now. I have been continuing to improve my teacher career for 35 years now. My current research is interconnected with the effective and comprehensive elements of induction program. My research on educational field especially focuses on teacher education and childhood studies.I have participated in many research activities during my academic career. I am a Post Doctoral Researcher of the University of Eastern Finland. I have been working as a social worker for 30 years now.