The Universe is our Almighty, The Earth is Our Mother, Creature is Our Eco-friends, Our Religion is our Humanity.


People Empowerment and the Development of Bio-diversity are our Final Achievement.


Prime purpose of lives must have a basic quality-life for present to future, socially to naturally, economically to morally and traditionally to innovatively.


  • To enrich the quality of natural phenomena and raising the human- nature and relationship among human beings.
  • To make better place without border, race, gender, social limitation.
  • To preserve the natural beauty of the Nation.
  • To improve the health of marginalized group.
  • To motivate farmers to produce organic vegetable and food products.
  • To drive the energy of youth to social development.
  • To aware the society for the importance of healthy and quality life.
  • To empower the people who are deprived from the access of development facilities.
  • To endow the society economically, politically, socially and environmentally.