The Universe is our Almighty, The Earth is Our Mother, Creature is Our Eco-friends, Our Religion is our Humanity.

“Sahayog –The Help” is non- profitable organization which is consisted by the team of Humble, Enthusiastic, Liable and Progressive youth generation which is devoted in concept of change in pro-action on humanity and sustainable bio-diversity by targeting back warded community helpless marginalized people and preserving the eco-system on nature without race ,community, religion, border, and thought .
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The Day of Struggling Against the Draught

Bharatpur 17,Gobreni Chitwan Nepal On “The Day of Struggling Against the Draught” on 17th June Sahayog-The Help has conducted public awareness pr...

An Awareness Campaign against RABIES

We the committee of Sahayog-The Help has successfully accomplished an awareness campaign against the fatal disease called RABIES on the occasion of ...

Afforestation of 108-Rudrakhya Plant

On the occasion of “WORLD ENVIROMENT DAY -2017” ,Sahayog-The Help has conducted/ co-ordinated afforestation of 108-Rudrakhya Plant at Sabda Chinta...

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